Halonix MOD – LED Surface Downlighter


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HALONIX MOD – surface mounted down light suitable for bedroom, drawing room, living hall ambient lighting, task lighting in kitchen, showcase, under counter lighting. low power consumption , led down light. the light sources are led. the whole lighting design is beautiful with simplicity and creates luxurious atmosphere. led down light design is unique. the light passes through the light guide plate with high transmittance which makes the light uniform soft comfortable and without losing the brightness. therefore, can effectively protect our eyes. a surface mounted light wastes negligible amount of light as it is attached to the ceiling, thereby spreading all its light below. the led surface light is a surface mounted light that is made using the latest led that makes it energy saving and highly efficient. complete light package very easy to mount in the ceiling, & also available in cool white, warm white, red, green, blue color.

Wattage: 6W | 8W | 12W | 15W | 18W | 22W

  • Elegantly designed with ultraslim construction& best quality LEDs
  • Available Shapes: Round | Square
  • Edge lit technology for glare free uniform distribution of light
  • More than 70% energy savings compared to conventional lighting solution
  • Excellent color rendering index for perceiving great visual experience
  • Available in cool white, neutral white & warm white CCT
  • Longer life



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